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Officer and Board Member Elections: The Nominating Committee shall present nominations for officer and two elected board member vacancies that will exist by January 1 of each even-numbered calendar year. Nominations will be presented at the Board meeting immediately preceding January 1 of even-numbered calendar years. The Nominating Committee will prepare ballots and conduct the election of officers and elected Board members at the Membership meeting immediately preceding January 1 of even-numbered calendar years. Newly elected officers, and elected Board members shall assume their duties on January 1 of each even-numbered calendar year. Vacancies on the Board shall be filled for the remainder of the term by appointment of the President with the advice and consent of the Board. (Article III, section 3)

The revisions to our FoCC ByLaws approved by the membership at our April, 2017 meeting present committee chair Sally Antonucci with the challenge of producing a slate of candidates for the November Membership Meeting.  Sally, with the help of previous chair Phyllis Richardson, makes an essential contribution to the cause, encouraging present elected members to hang in there and talking to other members about taking on the responsibility of leadership. Her committee will come up with at least one nominee for each of the positions we need to fill for the upcoming two-year terms: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 at-large Board positions.


Friends of Camp Christopher welcomes the participation of any and all members. If you would be interested in serving on our board or throwing your hat as a candidate into the leadership ring, you can notify the Nominating Committee by leaving a note in the comment section below. We’d be delighted to welcome you on board your FoCC Board!

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