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The Ways and Means Committee shall be composed of three or more Board members. The Ways and Means Committee shall be responsible for the Friends of Camp Christopher’s fundraising activities and shall coordinate its fundraising goals with the Finance Committee. (Bylaws, Article 5, Section 2.2)



Ah, a myriad of ways and means exist to raise money for a 501(c)3 organization like ours, and it is up to Ways and Means Chair, Janet Corey (pictured above), to propose, initiate and maintain the most realistic and effective. Janet takes the reins from former chair, Chaz Gessner, who served in this capacity for FoCC’s first five years.  His committee introduced a number of fundraising projects, and laid the groundwork for some promising future events.

Former Ways & Means Chair Chaz Gessner introduced a cornucopia of ideas on fundraising for the FoCC!

 And now Janet will be looking for venues that not only bring in needed dollars to our treasury, but bring our scattered membership closer together in the Christopher Spirit.


FRIENDS OF CAMP CHRISTOPHER TEE SHIRTS – In 2014 Chaz, working with his favorite project collaborator Dawn Heisler, created the familiar Friends logo inspired by the statue of Mary on Lake Marian’s far shore. As the organization began reproducing the image on letterheads and business cards, Chaz emblazoned it on cotton tee shirts.  See our Tee-Shirts page for more info.  


THE ANNUAL DINNER/REVERSE RAFFLE – In September of 2014, Friends of Camp Christopher reinstated a tried and true fundraiser that Camp Christopher had used for many years. It was a social evening of fun and food with a reverse raffle at the center of the evening’s activities. Now in its fifth year, this fundraiser has become an annual part of Ways & Means planning.


THE ADOPT A BRICK PROGRAM — Throughout 2016, and up until September of 2017, we raised money to fund what proved to be the biggest FoCC “brick and mortar” project for Camp to date – the renovation of the flagpole area. We funded this project by selling $75 and $100 paving stones which were inscribed in tribute to members of our Camp family, past and present, and suggest, with song lyrics, quotations, and other familiar references, the many aspects of the Christopher experience.   



The FRIENDS OF CAMP CHRISTOPHER CAR SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA has notched two successful presentations in August of 2016 and 2017.  The event is held at Camp and, with the Car Show as the centerpiece, it has become an afternoon of fun (hikes and Camp activities, raffles and giveaways, fun food, etc.) for the whole family. It’s also a chance for our neighbors in Bath, Ohio, to visit Christopher, perhaps for the very first time. 


  1. Well done. These paragraphs captured the essence of this committee. Sign me up to volunteer to help with the Car Show in August.

    • Thanks, Patti. We welcome your participation.

  2. This committee does great work. They can always use a few volunteers and it is really rewarding to get involved.