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The Finance Committee shall be composed of three or more Board members, one of whom shall be the Treasurer. The Finance Committee shall oversee all financial operations of the Friends of Camp Christopher, develop long-range fiscal plans, procure and review any and all external audits, and prepare and recommend an annual operating budget to the Board. (Bylaws, Chapter 5, Section 2.1)


One of the more serious responsibilities of a 501(c)3 organization like FRIENDS OF CAMP CHRISTOPHER is the stewardship of the monies donated by members and supporters. A Finance Committee is an essential support for our Treasurer, Larry Furman, as he oversees dollars flowing in and out of the FoCC account. As the chairperson of the Finance Committee, Larry works with fellow committee members to manage our funds and to make realistic projections for our annual budget. Since it is the duty of the Treasurer to prepare at least four financial statements of all FoCC assets and liabilities to present to the Board within each year, regular meetings of the Finance Committee take place between the scheduled Board and membership meetings. The hard work of our Finance Committee ensures that the FoCC can be an effective supporter of Camp Christopher.

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