Annual Dinner/Reverse Raffle

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Annual Dinner/Reverse Raffle



SAVE THE DATE: Our 5th Annual FoCC Dinner/Reverse raffle is set for Thursday, September 2o, 2018! 


The 4th annual Friends of Camp Christopher Dinner/Reverse Raffle of September 21, 2017 now belongs to history.  125 Friends gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall where we shared a great evening of fun, fine eating and fellowship.  Thanks for your great support. Read the Committee Report to review the winners of the many prizes. 




2014 announcements

2014. President Irene Wagner & Committee Chairperson Patti Longville welcome the good Friends of Camp Christopher like the Thomas Family seated here.

2014 checkin

Sept. 18, 2014. Greeters at the registration table with FoCC president Irene Lawrence (r) were Chris Walker and his mom, CJ.

In 2014, Friends of Camp Christopher was barely two years old and looking for a fundraising event to help generate dollars for the donations the organization wished to make to Camp Christopher. The CYO and Catholic Charities of Summit County had used a dinner/reverse raffle over the years to consistent success. When, in recent years, Catholic Charities explored other fundraising venues, FoCC decided to revive the event. Patti Longville & Tim Lilley, with FoCC president Irene Lawrence, had attended many such events over the years and had a good working knowledge of how to undertake and organize such an enterprise.


2014 BL-L Dinner -RR singers

2014. A multigenerational assembly of songleaders guide dinner guests through a medley of “Easy Come ,Easy Go / Have Fun / If You’re Convinced.” (l to r) Patti Longville, Tim Lilley, Kelly Haslam, Terry Lilley, Neil Durbin, Casey Thompson, Jon Reiman & Matt Brenner.

On September 18, 2014, about 125 Friends gathered at the Slovene Center in Barberton, Ohio, for the FoCC’s Dinner/ Reverse Raffle. 100 tickets had been sold for the $1000 grand prize drawing. Along with other dollars generated through sideboard and raffle activities, the generous gathering helped the FoCC raise $3,912.00. The event was so enjoyed by the attendees that it was immediately christened “annual.”


2015 Browns Tickets

2015. “Care to buy a chance to win two tickets to a Browns’ game?” Committee members Phyl Pigat and Sally & Jerry Antonucci find that it’s best to sell those chances early in the football season! (Photo courtesy of Paul Moeller)

FoCC repeated its success in September of 2015. With the addition of Chinese Auction items, the evening of fundraising camaraderie raised $4,100. For a second year, more than 100 participants enjoyed a good meal, relished reunions and good conversation, and joined in a short Camp singalong.

Patti Longville returned last season as Committee Chairperson for FoCC’s 3rd Annual Dinner Reverse Raffle, Thursday, September 15, 2016 at a  new location, the K of C Hall on Glenmount Avenue in Akron, Ohio. Obviously, for so many of our Friends who no longer live in Northeast Ohio, it was not possible to attend (though a number of our sweet survivors made plans to be in town for the event). But that did not stop friends from buying a ticket (winner need not be present) and supporting the cause. Many of our ticket holders unable to make the events of the past few years have given their blessing to let a guest enjoy the dinner which is part of the ticket’s price.

2015 TimChamp DRR And the winner is

2015. “And the winner is …” Rachel Thomas helps MC Tim Lilley draw the final numbers. (Photo courtesy of Tim Champion)




It takes a small village to carry out such an annual mission. Fortunately, FoCC again has a fine group comprising the 2017 Dinner/Reverse Raffle Committee: Patti Longville, Chair. Committee Members and event volunteers: Jerry & Sally Antonucci, Janet Corey, Michele Dolensky, Lizzy Flannery, Tom & Barb Gannon, Dave Gates, Chaz Gessner, Barb Hertrick, Dave & Irene Lawrence, Tim Lilley, Bill & Barb Marras, Phyllis Richardson, Kathleen Shippy, Margie Sovacool.

FoCC Dinner Reverse Raffle by Dan Skowronski

2016. FoCC Dinner Reverse Raffle guests have their ticket stubs at the ready as the drawings begin! We thank all of you Friends who, in body and/or in spirit,  were part of our 3rd annual Friends of Camp Christopher Dinner/Reverse Raffle on September 15, 2016.  The evening was a soul-soothing success, and our 100 guests enjoyed a great evening.  (Photo courtesy of  Dan Skowronski)








  1. This page is phenomenal, Tim! Great job!

  2. Fabulous job, again; the evening was great fun. Amazing to see Ziga without a cap; wonderful to see all these Camp legends in one place, enjoying themselves and each other. You and all your people did a magnificent job from start to finish.

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